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uuu   Miniature Llama Farms   uuu
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~~ Some Items To Consider When Purchasing Miniature Llamas ~~
If a Miniature Llama Seller says/guarantees their crias/young miniature llamas are truly "Miniature Llamas and will remain that way to maturity & beyond" and you purchase the miniature llama(s) with that understanding, be sure to get it in writing on the seller's signed purchase contract and at what monetary and/or other recourse you will have if the subject miniature llama(s) does not remain miniature. Keep in mind the expense with how long it will take & how many miles you will have to travel to return the llama if that is part of your recourse agreement.
If not in writing, 'buyer beware'!
Due to the variations in growth rates and other biological circumstances, a breeder is truly unable to say for
100%  certainty that a young llama will stay a "miniature" until they have fully grown to 3 years of age and beyond. The goal is to breed miniatures sires and dams to achieve a miniature cria off spring, however, mother nature doesn't always follow well intended goals.
The same scenario above applies to purchasing a pregnant miniature llama(s).
The same scenarios above applies to having the miniature llama's health verified before your take ownership and/or subject to when you can have your trusted veterinary do it.

All states require at least a veterinary signed health certificate (some states require more tests) to import from the miniature llama(s)' origination state into the destination home state. Check with your 'State Veterinary' for importation requirements into your state. Also verify with your 'State Veterinary' what individual miniature llama identification is required for transporting your newly acquired miniature llama(s).
Come to think of it, the same scenarios above basically applies to purchasing any llamas or alpacas.
uuu   Suppliers  &  Services & Etc...  uuu
uuu   Pick-up Trucks   uuu

In my case, I won't be buying another 2500 Dodge Ram.
The 1st new
2500 Dodge Ram I had required a new transmission & several recalls, plus the 4X4 was sluggish turning. The 2nd & current new 2500 Dodge has had several recalls; it had a very loud howling noise when the brakes were applied as if the front wheels were getting ready to fall off after driving it a few miles (30 plus) only to have the local  Burlington (Bu), NC Dodge dealer, at my expense, removed a 2-3 foot rubber tube from within the brake line. They told me it was an added engineering feature to reduce vibration & noise; The ‘Engine Failure’ light came on and it only took 5-6 trips to the local Bu Dodge dealer for them to finally determine it was an oxygen sensor causing the problem after replacing a wiring harness a time or 2, etc. at my expense and ignoring my suggestion on day one that it might be the oxygen sensor; and 'the straw that broke the llama’s back' so to speak was at 18,000 miles when the Radio just turned off and will not turn back on (nope, it's not a blown fuse). Understand it is not only the radio that’s turned off, it is the Bluetooth phone function, the Navigation features; the Back-up Camera, the CD/DVD functions, the Console Screen is blank, the Rear Seat Video; Etc. Some of these items could be considered safety items. I informed the local Bu Dodge dealer Service Tech of the issue during the last recall trip in Sept 2018 and I even sent a letter to the Bu Dodge owner manager in 9/2018 to repair it out of Dodge’s  ‘good faith-goodwill’, however apparently he and/or Dodge  don't understand the concept of ‘good faith-goodwill’ and have chosen to ignore it. When was the last time you ever heard of a vehicle radio functions going out at 18,000 miles? I haven’t had it repaired yet (going on 24,600 miles) and probably will take a hit when I go to trade it in on a GMC, Chevy, or Ford...
Be assure, as it stands now, I don't recommend & I won’t be buying another Dodge Ram or Dodge Anything!

uuu   Llama Feed   uuu

We are now using an excellent Llama feed mix from our local Southern States (SS) feed store even though it is a little pricey, plus you can order any quantity at a time verse the need to order 2 tons at a time that our last mill (J.P.Green, Mocksville NC) required. Plus Southern States offers large quantity discounts which helps the cost factor. Due to SS's increased llama feed cost we switched to using Tractor Supply Company's Blue Seal Llama/Alpaca feed. So far it is doing great with no waste and the mini llamas really love it. We will see on how it affects their health, which is always a primary concern.
Tip:  Store your feed in a room with a dehumidifier to extend its' freshness.
This will reduce the lost of your feed & will more than pay for the electricity to run it.

uuu   Jeff's Sharpening Stone & Repair   uuu

We have relied on Jeff for years to sharpen our llama shearing blades and he has never failed to sharpen them correctly with a long lasting edge.  He does blade sharpening, clipper repair, and how-to-care-for-your-shearing-equipment secessions for veterinaries, major pet stores, and several private concerns (local & mail order).  Contact Info:
Sharpening Stone and Repair

482 Robin Lane,  Archdale, N.C. 27263  or

(336) 202 8203 

uuu   Jeffers Livestock   uuu

They have been an outstanding resource for llama and livestock meds, needles, syringes, brushes & combs, wraps, shearing supplies, microchips, around the farm & barn supplies, etc., etc.... They carry supplies for most farm & home animals. Their customer service is top notch.

uuu   Shearing Tips    uuu

Suggested Air Blower for Shearing -  An economical air blower for blowing dust and debris from your miniature llamas to prepare them for shearing is more than adequate to do the job right..  We use the ones we have for cleaning out the stalls, and oh yes, blowing leaves.  Our mini llamas don't mind the blower's noise, as they are fairly quiet.  The two speed units come in handy.  On hot humid days, our mini llamas like the slower speed blown on them to cool down.  You can spend your money on a $250 and up animal blower or buy one these and accomplish the same end result. We really didn't need the more expensive one.  Lesson learned after the fact, as we have both. 

Here is a tip: When preparing your mini llamas, llamas, or alpacas for shearing & want to save shearing blades, plus put less stress on your precious animals, blow all of the dust & debris out of their fiber to the point where you "can not see anymore dust being blown out". It is the grit & dirt in their fiber that will dull your shear blades down & make your clippers run hotter.  Also, dull blades pulls on the fibers of your mini llama making them very unhappy & stressed. Instead of doing 4-6+ mini llamas per blade, you'll be lucky if you are able to do 2 mini llamas per blade, if you don't blow your llamas completely out.

NOTE:  Don't despair, it takes time & practice to learn how to shear your llama(s). Once you get it, your will wonder what was all of the fuss.  It isn't so much the cost of the shears, as it is how you use them & take care of them. We have used the same low priced Lister Wahl 'Star' Shears since the late 1990s without repair or replacing it & with high success in our shearing efforts as evidenced by the photos of our sheared mini llamas.
Tip:  If your precious llama is a mover & a shaker, you might want to consider building a low cost chute out of treated or painted lumber to hold him or her in it for "their & your safety" & ease of shearing. This would be ideal if you have just one or a few llamas. There are several plans available on the internet to build as specified or modify for improvement & to meet your needs. Or purchase a metal framed one with all of the straps, cushions, & holding devises, however they tend to be rather expensive. If you have several llamas, that may be the route to take as we finally did & haven't regretted it since then. We purchased our Chute & Scales from
Light Livestock Equipment & Supply in 2008 and haven't been disappointed with them or LLES's Customer Service.

uuu   Tri-County Veterinary Service, P.A.   uuu

We have used them for years for our miniature llamas, cats and other animals.
Their practice has been outstanding in the veterinary services we require for our miniature llamas & our other animals.

uuu   Other Concerns   uuu
z Cats  &  Kittens z
Please consider adopting a Kitten &/or a Mature Cat today....
Also don't forget our Puppy and Mature Dog friends....
They too need good forever homes....
Spay & Neuter, it's the right thing to do!!
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