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Llama Feed: We are now using an excellent Llama feed mix from J.P. Green Milling in Mocksville, NC.  The  quality & economy of it would be very hard to beat elsewhere.  One issue with it is the minimum order quantity of two tons (80 bags), however if a few llama owners go in on it together this isn't too hard to accomplish.  We usually order one ton at a time and join our order with another farm or so.


Jeff's Sharpening Stone & Repair:   We have relied on Jeff for years to sharpen our llama shearing blades and he has never failed to sharpen them correctly with a long lasting edge.  He does blade sharpening, clipper repair, and how-to-care-for-your-shearing-equipment secessions for veterinaries, major pet stores, and several private concerns (local & mail order).  Contact Info:

Jeff`s Sharpening Stone and Repair
482 Robin Lane,  Archdale, N.C. 27263
(336) 202 8203  or


Jeffers ): They have been an outstanding resource for llama and livestock meds, needles, syringes, brushes & combs, wraps, shearing supplies, microchips, around the farm & barn supplies, etc., etc.... They carry supplies for most farm & home animals. Their customer service is top notch.


JMK Tack: We were using Ridge Mist for some of our supplies, especially Llama Halters & Leads. Sorry to say, they have discontinued business. Good news, Ridge Mist provided us with the supplier she was using for Llama Halters & Leads and we have since ordered & received llama halters & leads from them. They are of excellent quality and durability and very reasonably priced, plus delivery is fast.  They make Halters & Leads for miniature & regular size llamas, alpacas, camels, horses, donkeys, cattle, reindeer, etc.... ~~ Here is their contact information ~~

800-984-2900 (orders) email: (They don't have a web site)

Suggested Air Blower for Shearing -  An economical air blower for blowing dust and debris from your miniature llamas to prepare them for shearing is the lightweight, 4.6 pounds, Toro 51585 Power Sweep 7 amp 2-Speed Electric Blower.  We found it on Amazon for $ 34.97 (as of 1/1/17 - Price fluctuates $34-$49
) and free shipping.  We also use the ones we have for cleaning out the stalls, and oh yes, blowing leaves.  Our mini llamas don't mind the blower's noise, as they are fairly quiet.  The two speeds comes in handy.  On hot humid days, our mini llamas like the slower speed blown on them to cool down.  You can spend your money on a $250 and up blower or buy one these and accomplish the same end result. We really didn't need the more expensive one.  Lesson learned after the fact, as we have both. 

Here is a tip: When preparing your mini llamas, llamas, or alpacas for shearing & want to save shearing blades, plus put less stress on your precious animals, blow all of the dust & debris out of their fiber to the point where you "can not see anymore dust being blown out". It is the grit & dirt in their fiber that will dull your shear blades down & make your clippers run hotter.  Also, dull blades pulls on the fibers of your mini llama making them very unhappy & stressed. Instead of doing 4-6+ mini llamas per blade, you'll be lucky if you are able to do 2 mini llamas per blade, if you don't blow your llamas completely out.

** If you are interested, here is information on what we use to shear our mini llamas with **

PDF Document: Mini Llama Shearing Info
(Please be aware the dollar amounts of the items shown may have changed.)

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Tri-County Veterinary Service, P.A.:  We have used them for years for our miniature llamas, cats and other animals. Their practice has been outstanding in the veterinary services we require for our miniature llamas and our other animals.

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Please consider adopting a kitten &/or a mature cat today....
Also don't forget our puppy and mature dog friends....
They too need good forever homes....
Spay & Neuter, it's the right thing to do!!
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